Made2pay - The complete and simple point of sales solution!

What is Made2pay?

The development of Made2pay is based on the thought that a manual should be unneccessary. All functions should speak for themselves and should be easy to use. It is up to you to judge if we succeeded in completing this . Of course we are always willing to answer to your questions and/or comments.

Curious of your daily turnover? Or maybe the total of VAT you received? With the Made2pay system you can see all this in one glance. By selecting the date you can easily consult the statistics of a period of your choice.

It is likely to assume you want to give your customers a summary of their order. For example when you work with selling on account. This is also possible with Made2pay. You can connect an unlimited amount of printers to the system, which makes you able to print receipts at any given time. You can also print specific orders, for example to let the kitchen know which meals they have to prepare.


From Zimbabwe to the USA, all around the world people are using Made2pay! Here below some interesting facts:

18.000+ orders
5.000+ products
3.000+ categories
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You can use Made2pay on a free trial for the first 30 days. When you're satisfied about Made2pay you can purchase a complete, unlimited license via an in-app purchase. The orders are handled by Apple, you pay with the creditcard or ClickandBuy account connected to your iCloud account and Apple will handle your order.

After the transaction you inmediately possess the license and the complete version of the application. All settings and changes will be saved, which means you can continue using the application. All that happens is that you'll gain extra options!

Don't have a creditcard or a ClickandBuy account? You can buy iTunes credit at lots of stores!


free / 30 days
  • Maximum of 20 orders a day
  • Unlimited input of products and categories
  • Payleven integration
  • receipt printer support

full, licensed version

249,99 one-off
  • Unlimited input of orders
  • Unlimited input of products and categories
  • Pin payments with Payleven
  • Receipt printer support
  • Export statistics
  • Unlimited number of devices (via iCloud)

What do you need?

  • Printer
    STAR TSP143 LAN printer

    Made2pay supports the STAR TSP143 LAN printer. This printer can ensures high quality prints and won't let you down. Don't forget to buy the thermic receipt paper that you'll need to print on.

  • Cash drawer
    Bypos cash drawer E410 (electric)

    There are multiple supported cash drawers, but the BYPOS E410 cash drawer is ons we have good experiences with. Easy to connect to the printer and immediately ready to use.

  • iPad stand
    Heckler Design Windfall

    There are lots of iPad stands avaiable, but our preference goes to the Heckler Design Windfall. Great design and a sturdy construction, fits the Made2pay application.

Customer reviews

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Made2pay first?

Of course you can!

When you download the application you can use a free trial version of the application for 30 days. After these 30 days, or earlier when you are already convinced of the quality of the application, you get a non-committal opportunity to buy a license. Notice that during the free trial version of the application you can onny process 20 orders a day.

Do I need an internet connection?

No, this is not neccessary.

After you have downloaded the application you can inmediately use the application without a internet connection. When you want to connect a printer to the system you do need a network, but it's not neccessary for this network to be connected to the internet. You do need an active internet connection to export statistics from the application.

Can I get help installing Made2pay?

Yes, you can!

Don't you know which equipment to order or do you need help configurating Made2pay? We like to help use the system without a flaw. If you want more information you can always contact us and we'll help you get underway.

Can I connect multiple iPads to eachother?

Not yet.

when you don't mind multiple iPads working seperately it's possible to use multiple Ipads. But it isn't yet possible to connect multiple systems to eachother. We are working on this, so we can extend the reach of the Made2pay point of sales system.

Can I use a cash drawer without a printer present?


The cash drawer is opened by a signal that comes from the printer. This also means you can only connect one cash drawer per printer.

Is my license available on multiple devices?


The license is connected to your iCloud account. When you log on to your any of your devices with this account, the license becomes available inmediately (only on iPads).

The team

  • Niels Koole
    Owner and developer

    With a passion for iOS appliactions he's trying hard to profile himself as a die-hard application developer. With over 4 years of experience, he can now use this experience to develop his own point of sales system. An in his own words brilliant application, of which you can expect much more.

  • Thom Voskamp
    Sales advisor

    Pulled in Niels' enthousiasm he helps every client get underway. Next to a suitable advice, he is always ready to help you and not a problem will be avoided. All of this with maximum client satisfaction as a goal!

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